NYBL Team Membership

At the National Youth Boffer League (NYBL), we provide a range of benefits and opportunities to enhance your child's boffer experience. As a member of NYBL, your child will enjoy:

Weekly Practices: Engage in regular practices that focus on developing technique, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Our expert coaches provide guidance and instruction to help players excel in their boffer skills.

Team Jersey: Stand out on the field with our epic team jerseys. Each player receives a team jersey to foster a sense of unity and pride within the NYBL community.

NYBL Events: Enjoy exclusive access to NYBL events, including tournaments, workshops, and special training sessions. Be at the forefront of all the exciting boffer activities happening within our league.

Team Equipment: NYBL provides loaner equipment for players to use, ensuring that everyone has access to the necessary gear for their boffer journey. We prioritize the safety and comfort of our players.

Season Tournament: Team membership grants entry into our highly anticipated season tournament. Compete against other skilled teams, showcase your talents, and experience the thrill of friendly competition.

Dedicated Coach: Benefit from the guidance of our trained coaches who are passionate about accelerating your child's boffer skills. They provide personalized instruction and mentorship to foster growth and improvement.

Join NYBL today and unlock a world of boffer opportunities, where your child can thrive, learn, and have an unforgettable time honing their boffer combat skills in a supportive and engaging environment.


Start an NYBL Team

If you have a group that wants to play, we have the resources to help you get a team started.

  • Team Binder
  • Online coaching/training for volunteers
  • Team Equipment Kit (teams with at least 6 kids)
    • Swords and Shields
    • Other materials to hold a great practice


School Clubs

Church Groups

Homeschool Groups

Online Resources

We working hard to get an online library of resources.

  • Online training with professionals
  • Library of field games
  • Weekly practice material

Team Equipment Kit

Teams of at least 6 kids can recieve a kit on loan to get your games started.

  • Team Binder
  • Boffer Swords and Shields
  • Cones and Field Markers.
  • Other materials to help your hold a great practice

Already have a team?

Use our resources!

Our mission is to grow the sport and provide resources for all to use. Our training Hub is open to everyone, use them to increase your players skill and knowledge!

Use our rules of Play

The NYBL rules of play is simplified from other boffer sports. We invite you to use them for your youth teams. They will continue to be revised and updates to provide the best boffer experince for youth.

Become Affiliated

Your team using NYBL Rules, resources and Standards, but still want to privatly managing your team? You can be an affiliate team and post team deatils here for players to find you and your players can still register for NYBL tournaments.