Do you crave adventure?

Resilience. Confidence. Teamwork. Find it this season in the Youth Boffer League

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Level Up

Increase in skills and become a sword fighting hero. Build confidence, agility, and coordination while you play a game. We teach sword fighting strategy and skills, helping imaginative kids gain strength, discipline and camaraderie.

Weekly Practices

Games to develop technique, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Pro Coaches

Coaches that love the game and are trained to help your growth excel.

Season Tournament

Test your skills and make new friends at the end of season tournament.

Join the fun!

Make new friends who share your competitive spirit.

A Few More Details

Team Jersey

Represent and build team spirit with epic jerseys.

Team Equipment

Loaner swords and shields are available for players to use.


Weekly practices, team raids, and other field events.

NYBL Discord

Join the NYBL Discord server for league communication.

Safety First

Equipment is checked and field tested safety standards are followed.

Lots and Lots of Fun

The game is a lot of fun. 

What Families Are Saying

“We are grateful to NYBL for providing our boys with a positive and constructive outlet for their energy. Boffer combat has not only transformed their playtime but also instilled valuable life lessons.”

“Through boffer combat, they have learned the importance of practice, perseverance, and pushing their limits. They’ve embraced the challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth, and it has been incredibly rewarding to see their determination pay off.”

“As a parent, finding the perfect balance between safety and adventure for my child can be challenging. However, the National Youth Boffer League (NYBL) has exceeded my expectations in providing an incredible sport that strikes that delicate balance.”

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NYBL Schedule Overview

Spring Season

Jan – May

Summer Break

May – Aug

Fall Season

Aug – Dec

Winter Break

Dec – Jan

Resilience. Confidence. Teamwork.

Find it this season in the National Youth Boffer League.

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ESA Funds

Are you interested in utilizing Education Savings Account (ESA) funds to enroll your child in the National Youth Boffer League (NYBL)? Take advantage of this unique opportunity to combine the benefits of boffer combat with your child’s educational savings.