Tournament Game

A tournament style game.



Other Names: unknown

Setup: Small Arena, 3 Referee Points


  • Mark a ring with cones to designate an arena. (Soft boundary)
  • Establish and mark in some way 3 referee positions evenly spread around the arena.
  • Pick a head referee and two additional referees to start and have them each stand at different ref points.
  • All other players form a line along the side of the arena.


  • Two players in the arena stand face to face with the head ref to their side.
  • NEVER put your back to the head referee when starting a tournament game duel.
  • Head Referee then says:
    • “Referees, are you ready?” (get an affirmative from referees before continuing)
    • “Players, are you ready?” (get an affirmative from players before continuing)
    • “Players, touch blades and begin!”
  • Players should then touch blades, take a step back, and begin the duel. The duel continues until one player is victorious. 
  • After a duel players should knuckle and congratulate their opponent. 
  • The winner stays in the arena the loser becomes the Head Referee.
  • The former Head Referee rotates to the first ref position. The former first ref rotates to the second ref position. The former second referee goes to the back of the line to enter the arena.
  • If a champion stays in too long, send two challengers to compete against them at once and add another player to the challenger team each time the champion wins. When the champion falls, rotate like normal and have all the additional players return to the line.
  • If two players get each other out they reset the duel and start again.

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