Shadow Exercise

Training exercise to teach eye contact


4 mins

Other Names: Unknown

Setup: Timer


  • Split everyone into partners
  • Find a Partner A and a Partner B


  • Have partner groups spread out so they have room between them and other partner groups.
  • Have partners face each other and stand 4-6ft apart.
  • Partner A will be the ‘MOVER’. They must make slow movements with their whole body or just arms and legs.
  • Partner B will be the ‘COPY-ER’. They must, without looking from their partners face, try to copy exactly what their partner is doing. (like a mirror)
  • Players will be moving their body but they must not move from where they are standing (don’t run/walk around, stay in place).
  • Remember don’t look away from your partners face.
  • Once the players understand, have them begin.
  • Set a timer for 1 min and let partner A move and partner B copy
  • After the timer runs out, have the partners switch roles, reset the timer, and begin again.
  • Bring the group together afterward and discuss briefly what this taught them about swordplay.

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