Ring the Bell

Each team fights to be the first to ring the opponents bell.

4-200 players

10 mins

Other Names: Unknown

Setup: 1 Respawn and 1 "Bell" per team


  • Divide into 2 equal teams
  • Setup a “Bell” for each team. The bell is what the other team needs to “ring” in order to score a point. It is recommended to use a standing cone. You can use a shield or any other object as well though.
  • Setup a respawn for each team. This can be behind or to the side of the Bell.


  • Each team starts at their cone.
  • The objective is to ring the opponents bell by knocking it over and to shouting “ding ding”.
  • You can knock the cone over with any of your limbs or equipment.
  • The cone must fall over and land on its side to be considered rung. (e.g. a cone that is hit and flips to land upright again is cool, nut not a point.)
  • If the opponents bell is knocked over by one of their own players you may shout ding ding and the point is yours!
  • Players may not stand within a swords length of the cone.
  • Players may use their equipment to keep the cone from falling over if it is hit, but may not keep their equipment in contact with the cone.
  • If you get out during the game go to your teams respawn point to respawn. Remember to call out “ALIVE” when you join the game. 
  • When a point is scored reset and play again!

The game ends when a team reaches the score limit (e.g. first to 5)

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