Knights vs Peasants

Peasants seek for glory and wealth by rising up against the knights.


5 mins (round)

Other Names: Elites

Setup: 2 Teams (1:4 ratio)


  • Divide into two teams with 4x the number of players on one team. (E.g. 1 versus 4)
    • The smaller team are the “Knights” and they can use any equipment they would like.
    • The larger team are the “Peasants” and they can only use 1 sword.
    • The goal is to have the knights win every round and have the peasants challenged to become a knight. Adjust the number of Knights as needed. 
  • Establish field boundaries


  • The game starts with the teams on either side of the field.
  • It goes till all of one team is out, the other team wins.
  • When a peasant gets a knight out, the next round they become a knight and can use any equipment they want. The knight they replaced must become a peasant and use only one sword.

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