Capture the Flag

Classic capture the flag with swords.

6 - 20

10-15 mins

Other Names:

Setup: 2 Flags, 2 Bases, and 2 Respawns


  • Setup 2 points (cones, landmarks, or other) as “Respawns”
  • Setup 2 points (cones, landmarks, or other) as “Home”
  • Place 1 “Flag” (bandana or item) at each Home. 
  • Divide into 2 equal teams.
  • Establish field boundaries.


  • The objective of the game is to retrieve your opponents flag and have both flags touch your Home. 
  • While carrying the flag you must do the following:
    • Don’t carry anything else in the same hand or with the same arm as the flag.
    • Don’t throw the flag!
    • If you get out while holding the flag you must drop it right where you got out.
    • Follow any “Carry Speed” rules established for the game, if any (see below).
  • When a player gets out they must go to their team to Respawn to respawn.
    • Remember to loudly declare “ALIVE” when rejoining a game.
  • There are no rules against puppy guarding.
  • When your team has both Flags touching your Home, shout “POINT!” to score. 
  • Reset after each point and continue until a team reaches the point limit (e.g. first to 5 points)


    • No Carry Speed limit is good for larger team sizes and larger field sizes.
    • The smaller the team sizes get or the smaller the field size gets the slower your Carry Speed should get.
    • Options to limit speed are being forced to walk, to toe-heel walk, or to move on knees while carrying the Flag.
    • Smaller fields and/or teams should have quicker respawn. And have longer respawn the larger things get.

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